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Keynote Speaker

Are you brave enough to invite me to talk about Toxic Leadership?

Sometimes to discover what’s good you have to look at what bad looks like.

“The ‘A’ List of Leadership” looks at 10 Attributes of Great leadership and their Toxic Counterparts

The ‘A’ list of Leadership

(10 Attributes of Great Leadership and their Toxic Counterparts)

Most of us are familiar with what both great and very bad leadership looks like. How many of us can describe the characteristics and behaviour of leadership that equates to good or bad? What are the measures we can use? 

This Keynote talk looks at 10 attributes of great leadership, breaks them down into tangible behaviours and helps you think about how you can improve your own leadership standards. I also look at the toxic counterparts to these behaviours, how to identify them and address them in the workplace, socially and in other organisations.

Having experienced toxic leadership myself at work and being a former member and leader in a Christian cult for 15 years, leadership is something I have studied in detail. From these studies I have developed my own leadership development programme that draws on the work of many scholars, researchers and practitioners of great leadership.

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