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Are you brave enough to invite me to talk about Toxic Leadership?

Sometimes to discover what’s good you have to look at what bad looks like.

“The Leadership A List" looks at ten attributes of great leadership and considers their toxic counterparts.

The Leadership A List

Ten Attributes of Great Leadership and their Toxic Counterparts

Most of us are familiar with what both great and terrible leadership looks like. How many of us can describe the characteristics and behaviour of leadership that equates to good or bad? What are the measures we can use? 

This Keynote talk looks at 10 attributes of great leadership, breaks them down into tangible behaviours and helps you think about how you can improve your own leadership standards. I also look at the toxic counterparts to these behaviours, how to identify them and address them in the workplace, socially and in other organisations.

Having experienced toxic leadership myself at work and being a former member and leader in a Christian cult for 15 years, leadership is something I have studied in detail. From these studies I have developed my own leadership development programme that draws on the work of many scholars, researchers and practitioners of great leadership.


High Performing Teams: The Secret Sauce of Success

Five key ingredients of high performing teams.

A great team of good players will perform better than a good team of great players.


This keynote is for team leaders, team members and great for the whole team to attend together. 

Connection | Communication | Community | Challenge | Collaboration 

Together we'll consider five key areas to address to enable a team to evolve from good to great. These are values and behaviours rather than skills and techniques. They time to learn and develop and this keynote provides an introduction to the start of your transformational journey.

Connection & Contribution

The contagious values of customer delight

Peter at Asda Conference

Everyone has a story to tell.

How we engage with people makes all the difference to their experience of us. 

  • How do we pay attention to them?

  • How do we listen?

  • Do we share a little of our story to help us connect?

  • Are we prepared to be a little vulnerable?

  • First impressions are often wrong and judgmental.

  • What does courageous, curious, compassionate connection look like?

  • What's their story?


These are all factors in how successfully we will connect with people. In business, connection is king! Whether we are leading, selling, training, managing, contributing. 

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