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Locum optometrist in Cheltenham & Gloucester

Chair of Gloucester Vision Care for Homeless People

CPD & training provider: Leadership, Professionalism & Communication

Business coach for SightCare.

Clinical Optometry

I am a practicing optometrist with over 35 years experience. Vision and neuroscience fascinate me. Up to 50% of the brains activity is involved in processing vision. 

Optimising vision for everyone and ensuring the eyes are healthy is a great profession to be a part of.


I am delighted to have been a finalist for Optometrist of the Year 2022 in the Opticians annual awards. 


CPD & Training

I provide CPD in a number of formats: written articles, presentations and workshops.

I can provide materials for the domains of: Leadership & Accountability, Communication and Professionalism.


I also provide articles and talks on topics including leadership, wellbeing, mindfulness, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.


Please contact me to discuss your needs


Charity work

It is a real pleasure for me to volunteer with

Vision Care for Homeless People.

Providing an eye examination and glasses for the most vulnerable in society is such a worthy cause and perhaps some of the most rewarding work I do. Each of the people we meet have their own story and deserving of full professional care.

They are some of the most grateful and polite people I meet in life. #contribution

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