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Team Building

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

(Steve Jobs)

Team Workshops

Belbin Team Roles workshop

This globally renowned, research-based tool analyses both the roles of individuals in a team and the overall composition and effectiveness of your team. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses, team members get a deep understanding of their contribution to the team and how their colleagues enable and complement each other for success.

Your team will come away from this workshop stronger, motivated and more successful.


High Performing Teams workshop

Already done some team analysis and need that something extra?

This workshop builds o the clarity of Team Roles and digs in deeper to look at behaviours and motivations of maintaining high level performance.

The foundation of all teams is trust. Easily said, not so easily achieved. 

Being a great leader or team member requires specific skills that will enable you to flourish and thrive, which in turn helps the whole team do the same. 

Maintaining these is where the rubber hits the road.

This workshops addresses the 5 Key Principles of High Performing Teams:

1.It all starts with TRUST

2.Open and Honest Communication

3.Belonging over Fitting In

4.Holding Each Other to Account

5.Prioritising Teams Goals over Personal Success

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