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Cultural Change

“Trust is choosing to risk making something you value vulnerable to another persons actions”

(Charles Feltman)

“Belonging is being part of something bigger than yourself. But it's also the courage to stand alone, and to belong to yourself above all else.”

(Brené Brown)

Cultural Change

What is it?

The culture within an organisation is absolutely fundamental to it’s success. However, does an organisation, as a whole, have a culture? I suggest not, because I believe there are multiple cultures within an organisation at the lower level of teams. There are numerous case studies showing clearly that with a large department you can have multiple team cultures dependent in large part on the leader of that team. There will be an overarching culture and atmosphere depending on the larger organisational context; compare the difference between a team of financial traders to a team of carers for example. 

I have developed this change management programme to identify and unpack unhelpful and toxic patterns and behaviours and transform the culture to one of trust and belonging that will deliver peak performance, innovative ideation, collaborative creativity and finely tuned teams.

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