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Leadership Development

“By sharing leadership experiences, Peter has enabled me to see different approaches to management in the workplace. He has provided me with resources to work with and, not only have I found them useful, I have also found them very appropriate: both to the questions I face and to my way of thinking.”

Leadership Development

What is it?

Who and what makes a good leader?


I believe everyone has leadership potential: to some it comes more naturally and others not. Leadership is about two things: who you are and how you lead. It is not about what you do, because whatever you do you can be a leader.

In my leadership development work I dig deep with individuals working on 8 key attributes of character and behaviour: Authenticity, Alignment, Awareness, Attention, Autonomy, Agency, Agility, Accountability, Acceptance and Appreciation. We also consider the toxic counterparts of each of these and how they can show up in the work place, in you and those you work with.

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